What is LED neon rope light?

LED Neon Rope Light

What is LED neon rope light?

Real Green Lighting Factory provide qualified LED neon light with 8-year's experience. Approved by CE and RoHS. But LED neon rope light is not as popular as LED rope light in our daily,  many people know less about LED neon rope light.

Today, we will share with you about our LED neon rope light and you will love it.

What are LED Neon Rope Lights?

LED Neon Rope Lights consist of high bright F5 LEDs encased within a PVC protective casing. High light transmittance PVC emits uniformity light and produces a consistent light effect like that of traditional glass neon fixtures.

What is LED neon rope light?

LED neon light is designed as a direct replacement for traditional glass neon,with the outstanding optical properties as neon: extremely bright light output with smooth, uniform light distribution and tight bulb spacing and unique jacket housing create a solid,continuous line of light, without any distracting hotspots to create the more perfect neon effect.


Why LED over Traditional Glass Neon?

The advantages of LED Neon Rope Light when compared to traditional glass are striking. LEDs produce the same evenly disbursed light as traditional neon at a fraction of the energy usage. You can realize up to 80% energy savings with LED Neon! In addition, LED bulbs will last much longer and are much more durable than glass bulbs.


Why LED Neon Rope Lights Are A Better Choice?

There’s no doubt about it, glass neon fixtures and accent lighting is expensive. Now you can achieve the look of traditional glass neon with extremely flexible, inexpensive, custom cuttable, LED Neon Rope Light.


Choose from eight unique colors, or Color Changing RGB which can be used with a multi function controller. A combination of emerging LED technology along with innovative opaque PVC tubing gives LED Neon its ability to mimic the uniformity and brightness of light produced by traditional glass neon at a fraction of the price. LED Neon Rope Light can be used for indoor or outdoor applications, and is so flexible that it can even be used to replace custom neon signs!


LED neon rope light is very flexible and can be bent into almost any shape, because the protective tube is made by PVC. It also could be cut to any length to fit the project needed. It is easy to install with the accessories as mounting tracks or clips. Flexible LED neon lighting is an ideal solution for many lighting application problems.


LED neon can be use in anywhere you want: commercial building exterior perimeter lighting, interior accent lighting for bars, restaurants, or clubs, back lighting, and much more.  Come with IP68 waterproof, LED neon rope light is a perfect choice for outdoor use.