UL Listed LED Rope Light from Real Green Lighting Factory

UL LED rope light

What is UL approved rope light? 

UL is a global independent safety science professional in safety solutions in various area. UL approved rope light should be undergoing the strict test by UL laboratory according to UL standard,everything should be right in place without compromise. But laboratory test is not the only thing and final thing,UL laboratory will regular inspect factories producing light UL approved, picking up samples in line at workshop and in warehouse to retest the products at random. So when customers buy UL approved rope light, they are buying safety. 

120V LED rope lights produced by Real Green Co.,Lted are UL approved. We focus on LED rope light for more than 10 years, and we know clearly what USA customers concerned about electric products. Now you know why many customers choose our 120V LED rope lights in the USA. 

UL approved 12OV LED rope light must be fireproof,Cold-resistant,UV-resistant.

UL laboratory considers everything about safety for you, Real Green produces lights of safety for you.

UL Listed LED Rope Light from Real Green Lighting Factory

If you've been searching for UL listed LED rope lights,welcome to Real Green .You are now enjoying directly service from UL approved factory of high quality. 

Our factory specialized 3/8-inch diameters LED rope light, option 10ft, 18ft, 25ft, 50ft and 150ft is available. It is flexible into virtually any shape or style. Every set LED Rope Lights pre assembled with power cords so the installation process is even easier. 

Rated for both indoor and outdoor use our LED Rope Lights are the perfect accent for the deck, cove lighting, under-cabinet lighting, or to bring a soft comfortable ambience to any room in the house.

In addition to its beautiful color, LED Rope Lights are brighter, last longer and more energy efficient than standard incandescent rope lights. With lifetimes up to 100,000 hours,cost-effective addition to any design. All of Real Green products are UL approved. The innovative technology in LED rope lights leads to more fire safety in homes. LED lights don’t use as much energy, they throw out less energy in the form of heat. This makes them less of a fire risk and lowers the risks of burns when human skin comes in contact with the light source. In LED rope lights, the light source is effectively shielded by thick plastic. 

Secondly, all the LED rope light is series Circuit Capacity. Older types of traditional rope lighting don't design to series circuit. When one bulb would burn out, the subsequent bulbs would also fail to be lit. LED rope lighting eliminates these kinds of issues.

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