UL listed LED downlight

OrangeTech Series Downlight, AL-Series LED Downlight, GreenSMD Seires Downlight

LED downlight is a new kind of energy-saving lights, green replacement of traditional halogen bulbs used for interior lighting. It helps to keep your electricity expenses down monthly. Traditional halogen bulbs owns some distinguished features like high energy consumption, short life, which are out of date and gradually been forbidden by most of countries. LED light bulb has become the new green and perfect lighting choice in the aspects luminous principle, energy-saving and environmental protection.


What makes our LED Downlight different?  



1. We use the Anti-interference,no-flashing,non- isolated constant current driver on it. PF>0.97, THD<25%

2. 100% Aluminum Alloy raw material.

3. Completely with the latest new CE ,ROHS and UL standards.


ReliabilityUL listed LED downlight

1. 48h aging test with automatic switching before each shipment.

2. 100% vibration test.

3. 100% over-voltage test on AC85-265v, also can be dimmable.

4. -40°C to 50°C  extreme environment workable.



1. Adopting Quality LED chips  

2. High light output up to 100 lm/w~110 lm/w, very low energy consumption.

3. CRI>80ra,

4. Color temperature: 2800K~3000K, 4000K~4500K, 5500K~6000K,

5. Lower thermal output.


Lifespan and Warranty

1. Guarantee for 30,000h - 50,000h life span.

2. Guarantee for 3 years and 5 years warranty from the EXW date.

3. Free replacement for quality issues. 


LED downlight is be widely used in hotels and shopping malls, office buildings, entertainment purposes and interior home decoration designs. It is advantages of easy installation, maintain costs low and cut down electricity expenses. The much lower energy usage of LED lighting can dramatically reduce operating costs.


All the LED downlight is UL compliance, LEDs don't contain mercury or lead and don't release poisonous gases when damaged. Have long lifetime, the lifetime of LED lights is usually 5,000 hours. The much less frequent need to service or replace LEDs means lower maintenance cost.


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