Tips for flood light choose

Bright Series 500W COB LED Flood Light, Bright Series COB LED Flood Light

Have you ever confused what is the essential parameters when you choose a LED flood light?Or you real do not know how to handle with the professional data parameter list.But, take it easy.

Purchase a quality LED flood light is not a hard thing.Here are the warm tips for a quality LED flood light:

Tips for flood light choose

1.Price is different base on the MCD of LED flood light.Higher luminance base on higher chips.

Also, the price will based on it. So please choose a professional standard manufacture or supplier in order to a stable illumination performance in your further usage.

2.A light with antistatic function also a part you should considered. Better antistatic function is the part of longevity.Generally speaking, a normal lighting also has function in antistatic.

3.COB Chips.The illuminant of LED flood light called chips. Price is in huge distinction with different brand.Generally speaking,chips made in Taiwan or China occupying the part of this industry line.Is the title “made in China” on behalf of worse quality? That is not true. Some of domestic brand also means the quality.Also, most of manufacture has customized service, that also can satisfied your requirement.

Tips for flood light choose

       4.Rubber also should be considered as a factor when you purchase a flood light.It will effect the lasting of              longevity.Generally speaking, epoxy resib is ok. Univoresistant and fireproofing light are the functions a highest            quality outdoor lighting have.

         5.About leakage current.LED flood light is the light unilateral conduction, and if the countercurrent appear in   the circuits,it will lead to electric leakage.Some of the flood light,the chips are broken frequently if in a high electric     current .Some of the poor quality flood light used the poor chips to sold to clients, eventually makes a light broke.

          So,if you have the idea that the LED flood light applied outdoor,we suggest you a better reliable supplier and        observe more carefully in its inner structure.