Let us know you about what is the Beam Angle

With its high potential for energy savings and long lifetime, LED lighting is now the top choice for the majority of lighting applications. Moreover, it’s becoming smarter and more human-centric. Some companies are even going above and beyond human-centric lighting by using the omnipresent lighting infrastructure for other services.

Here, we want to let you know, what is beam angle. Let’s go!

Understanding Beam Angle

Take the flood series for example.The beam angle lets you know how much area it will illuminate at a given distance (beam spot size). The lighting industry has developed a uniform formula to determine the beam angle.  The light output (lumens) is measured at the center of the beam and then light strength (intensity) is measure out from the center until it is 50% of the intensity level (as measured in the center).  The  beam angle is then determined in degrees (see below).  The most common designations for flood light beams are Spot (7 to 15 degree), Flood (20 to 30 degrees) and Wide Flood (35 plus degrees).  Such as the brightness wide flood can achieve the 120 degrees.

Let us know you about what is the Beam Angle

The beam angle does not tell all the story. The Beam Field is the area the light covers that has at least 10% of the maximun beam intensity (see below diagram).  The lighting industry does not test for the Beam Field but a good rule of thumb is to double the beam angle.

The Beam Angle that the manufacturers provide convenience to people. It can help people to know the simple way to install and measure.Anyway, install the light within the professional instruction of professional electrician is the proper way.

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