Latest evaluation for LED flood light:What can we know beside the lighting effect?

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Abstract : To be honestly,with the development of LED technology,a good quality and performance will embody the item competitive mostly. So, we will analyse the Real Green LED floodlight in this test evaluation. From housing design to basic electrical parameters, we will omnibearing analyse our flood light to show more objective data for your reference.

Latest evaluation for LED flood light:What can we know beside the lighting effect?

Flood light is the mostly widely light resource in this city lighting. LED flood light always be the finishing touch in the nigh lighitng cause by its produces a highly diffuse, non-directional, also the light soft and transparent,so, it often plays a important role as the finishing touch in the night lighting. 

How can we evaluate the light good or not ? Or how can we know from the basic parameters ? Let' s learn more !

1.From the information of products

2.From the housing appearance 

"Smooth touch and elegant appearance, this is my first feeling i got this flood light." - Comment by our client.

Workmanship is very delicate,no sharp edges, this flood light is a professional type of all die-cast aluminum lamp body.

Front of the lamp body is tempered glass, and the back is the new housing with inner driver designed by our engineer, quality aluminum alloy we used in manufacture. What's more,the inner driver fixed in the housing, ensure the driver does not disorderly dump.

3.From the base electrical parameter

We will get the detail electrical parameter if we purchase a lighting and ask for a electrical data. The whole data is complicated. So we just read some parameters we actually need is ok. Generally, the data about " Power ", " Luminous Flux" and the "Lighting Effect" is important for most of the clents. 

Electrical Parameter of Real Green LED Flood Light (100W) :

Rated Parameter
Actual Parameter
Power: 100W 100.3W
Luminous Flux:
8900 lm 8979.56 lm
Luminous Efficiency:
90 lm/W
95.22 lm/W

And here, the actual power is 100.3W, the difference with rated power only reach 0.3%, within the 10% standard.It meed the general requirements.

4.The forth step, is the color temperature.

From the data we can know the color rendering index reach 80,it also reach the standard. CRI is high.

Latest evaluation for LED flood light:What can we know beside the lighting effect?

This is Real Green LED COB flood light, good quality for your commercial using.Thanks for your reading.