How to choose the right LED?

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Most of peoples are have no idea in their house rebuilding or redecoration.From the choose of furniture to how to choose the right LED lighting,they have no idea.How can we create the modern style?Or how can i redecorate the bedroom.In this case, here are some tips for you.

How to choose the right LED?

How to choose the right LED?

Choosing the right LED is to get its dimensions, luminescence, and colour temperature (for non-changeable sources) right.


Choose an LED based on the right dimensions. It is key to know where you will place the LED. Though obvious, remembering it outright will save you a lot of possible trouble. For instance, when building any custom furniture, one must ensure there is the right allowance for the lights to go in. Beam angle and light placement is also crucial to predict what your end result will be.


Luminscence is what is now used to compare bulbs. Whereas wattage is more familiar, wattage is not an accurate differentiator of bulbs. This is because wattage measures power. LED bulbs are much more energy efficient.Take our products Real Green Orangetech Series LED Downlight for exsamples, a 5W LED will produce more light than a 5W fluorescent light. Lumens measures light output. As a very rough estimation, multiply by 100 to get an LED lumen value. Here is an estimate for wattage selection:

Watts (Power)

Average Lumens (Brightness)

Use this for



Candle Bulbs, Lamp shades. Because its not that bright, often use for close lighting.



Downlights. Common colour-changing bulbs.



Quite common. Bedrooms, corridors.



Accent lighting. Bedrooms slightly more bright.



Less common. Very high ceiling downlights. Or where a lot of light is required.

Colour temperature

A last consideration is Colour temperature. This is normally measured via the Kelvin scale. It ranges from 2700K to 6000K. At the 2700K extreme, the light feel is a warm mood. At 6000K, light resembles daylight. The image above provides a visualization of colour temperature. Colour temperature should be planned in unison with decor, furniture, paint and other room features to create a congruent theme. With colour-changing LEDs, you can change the colour temperature to fit mood or occasion.

How to choose the right LED?

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