How can we identify the quality of LED flood lights?

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How can we identify the quality of LED flood lights?Housing

LED flood lights have lamp housing. It is a plastic or metal container that prevents light from spilling in unwanted directions and serves as a body for the entire instrument.

It consists of the entire exterior except for the opening or lens. The housing has been designed with certain elements that help with heat reduction while increasing the efficiency of LED lights. 

Current housings are made using die cast metal since it allows for a single, lightweight body that is more economical to use and produce.

How can we identify the quality of LED flood lights?


Directionality and quality of light output is affected by the reflector. It is located around or behind the light source in a way as to direct more light towards the opening or lens. 

Each floodlight unit has a reflector used in conjunction with the lens (or lack of the same) to create the desired effect. LED floodlights use two main types of reflectors; parabolic and ellipsoidal.

A parabolic reflector has a lamp set at the focus point of a parabola shaped reflector. It bounces the light away from the reflector in parallel beams. 

The light cannot be focused because there is no point at which the light converges. Although ellipsoidal reflectors are mainly used for focusable, tight spots, they can also be used in floodlights.

The housing and the reflector is the main standard to identify the quality from the first sight.If you want to know more about the way to identify the inner quality, please visit our page of technology. Thank you !