Do you know the relationship in broke leds and electrostatic static?

Abstract : We often meet the LED does not illuminate the situation,packing manufacturer, enterprises and personal individuals user are also meet that. This is what the technology insider called, leds broken. Anyway, you should know more about the reason that the relationship in broke leds and electrostatic static.

    What is the reason why ?

Firstly, on the one hand,the LED leakage current is too large cause PN junction failure, the LED light point does not illuminate,this situation will not affect the work of other LED lights.

Secondly, LED lamp internal connection lead disconnected, resulting in no current through the LED led to death lights, this will affect the other LED lights work. All this cause by the low working voltage (working voltage of red / yellow / orange is in 1.8V-2.2V;and the blue / green / white is in 2.8V-3.2V). Grenerally have to use the string, parallel connection to adapt to differenct operating voltage. The more LED lights in series will cause the greater the impact. It is to say, the whole LED strip will not illuminate if there is open circuit. This situation is more serious.

electrostatic static LED broken lights become the invisble killer.

electrostatic static is damage to LED chips,it will cause the LED chips PN junction failure.The leakage current increase and become a resistance.

The electrostatic static breake the electronic components out of count. Resulting in tens of millions of dollars in economic losses. Therefore, to prevent electrostatic damage to electronic components, the electronics industry is a very important work. LED packing, application of the enterprise should focus more in.

Any part of a problem, will cause damage to the LED, LED performance deterioration or even failure.As we know, the static of EDS can highly up to 3KV. In this high static electricity, it is enough to breakdown the LED chips. So, all of the manufacturer should pay attention in the grounding resistance of various types of equipment is in line with the requirements.This is also important, the general requirments of the grounding resistance of 4 ohms,and some require high ground resistance to reach even ≤2 ohms.

Some of general private enterprises,anti-static measures done is lacking enough supervise.The majority of enterprises can not find the grounding resistance test records, even if the grounding resistance test is once a year, or a few  years, or have a problem check.This is really important, at least 4 times a year,some of the requirments of high places, once a month to make a ground resistance test.

According to the requirements of the LED standard manual,lead wire from the colloid should be not less than 3-5mm.Because too high welding temperature will have an impact on the chip, chip will deteriorate, reducing the luminous effciency, or even damage the LED,this phenomenon is not uncommon.

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