Do you know the damage of flash frequency ?

Abstract : Store frequency will not be reduced to the scope of human health if the LED technology controlled reasonable when we use.However, due to the lack of proper regulation of the industry, manufacturers in the price of malicious competition, while ignoring the impact of products on human health.

More and more people attention to the fog and haze since the national media expose the news and published the report of damage of fog and haze. People are focus on the ecological and environmental such as air, water, food and noisy which are closely related to the human.In the meanwhile, lighting pollution also be the provital issue focused on.As we knows, the lighting pollution are raise the attention by Japan and European early before a decade. The United States has also set up an international dark night sky association, dedicated to fight against light pollution.

Since the lighting field into the era of fluorescent lamps, lighting along with the strobe has been filled with our light environment. "Because the illumination theory of fluorescent light problem, this hidden trouble has not been properly resolved, and today we begin to use LED lighting, there is still the problem of light flicker."

How serious of the flash frequency? If the frequency rang in 3-70Hz of sine wave,the illumination lighting may induce epilepsy. Headache induced by the frequency range in 100-120Hz,also.The distance of 100Hz ,120Hz or 70Hz is clearly not too far, so the headache induced by this result is very natural. Other negative affect will induce even if not the headace come out with you.

The value of intelligent light is the health,but also this part, which highly ignored by the lighting designer.Intelligent lighting products,it mainly embody the core value concept of "comfort, health, energy saving, environmental protection and durability" .