Widely use of 24V LED rope light

13MM LED rope light

LED lighting products could be used both indoor and outdoor. Here is some installation suggestions, now share with you.


Widely use of 24V LED rope lightPatios and Decks

It is a good idea that you add some night-time ambiance to your patio or deck with 24V LED rope lighting. 24V LED rope lights outline the perimeter of your patio with the lights, which makes the patio look nice and helps your guests see the patio’s edge in the dark. If you have a deck in your patio, you can use the light to outline the edges, wrap around balusters and railings or amplify any architectural details. Imagine that you and your family or friends sit on the deck in the patio with the beautiful rope lighting. Certainly, you guys can enjoy a more joyful time at night.



You can decorate outdoor pathways with the 24V LED rope lights. Using 24V LED rope lighting, you and your guests can see clearly where you’re walking because they emit super bright so as to outline your walkway, driveway or garden paths. Moreover, as the 24V LED rope lights are waterproof, you don’t have to worry about them when it rains or when you water your garden with the water sprinklers.

Trees and Bushes

The 24V LED rope lights can be strung in the trees or bushes in your front yard or back yard. You can install white or yellow 24V LED rope lights to your yard, which helps to add a sense of romance or sophistication. What’s more, if you want to stand out from your neighbors, you can use blue, pink or purple lights to adorn your yard. In addition, for Christmas you can wrap red or green 24V LED rope lights around your trees and for Halloween you can apply orange rope lighting to the bushes.



It is necessary to install rope lighting so as to light up stairs at night. By doing this, no one trips on them in the dark. You can place the 24V LED rope lights on outdoors or indoor steps. However, please make sure to install them on the side of the stairs or beneath them so that no one trips on the lights. Besides, the 24V LED rope light can be used as a nightlight in case that you use the stairs to get to a bathroom or sneak down to the kitchen for a midnight snack.



The 24V LED rope lighting can add light to dark kitchen cabinets, bookcases or closest shelves. By lining the inside of the shelves with 24V LED rope lights, you can find things easier. Moreover, you can also add 24V LED rope lighting under kitchen cabinets for extra counter lighting or Install them on top of kitchen cupboards and bookcases for decoration.


The Baby’s Rooms

Let’s light your baby’s room up with 24V LED rope lights! You know kids are fond of the beautiful color so just add a little bit of fun and whimsy to your kid’s room. You don’t have to worry about whether it is dangerous for kids as 24V LED rope lighting is low-voltage and stays cools when turned on if your children touch the rope. They won’t get hurt. Thus, you are able to hang the lights from the ceiling or lay them along the edges of the walls. The lights can also act as a night light when you wrap the headboard or bed frame with 24V LED rope lights. With regard to the colors of rope lights, you should choose your child’s favorite color or use multiple colors to lift your mood.