Warm white LED rope light

13MM LED rope light, UL Listed LED Rope Light

Warm white LED rope light is the most popular product in our LED decoration light. Why so many people choose warm white LED rope light? Because warm white make people feel relax and comfortable. So it is also the first choice for kitchen and bedroom decoration.


We have noticed that many cabinets or counters emitting different colors of bright light. It seems more attractive.  


Under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen is a good way to provide additional illumination for the counter top. It also adds task lighting where you need it most. Mounting lights under the cabinet reduces the chances of shadows interfering with the light source. The continuous sources of light allows you to easily prepare meals,make pastries and handle other kitchen tasks. In addition, it creates a cozy nighttime ambiance for the overall look of the kitchen.

 Warm white LED rope light

LED rope lights make under-cabinet lighting affordable and beautiful. We suggested  to decorate under-cabinet lighting with 24V LED rope lights. In particular, warm white LED rope light is more suitable for the cabinet lighting as the light it emits is soft and comfortable which makes people feel warm and sweet.


These lights are very easy for you to install and can be cut or extend at your will. Moreover, it works in a low-voltage settings so you can use at ease with 24V LED rope light under the cabinet or counter. Thus, 24V LED rope light is an ideal choice for you to design the under-cabinet lighting.


For most of people, bedroom is a place where we feel relax and comfortable. So when we decorate the LED rope light in the bedroom ,we must consider which color is the better choice. The color must be warm, full glow that is comfortable and inviting. Not dazzle and depressing.


Warm White LED with color temperature 2300K to 2500K implies a mild golden tint in the white glow. Luminous Warm White LED provides high intensity, evenly distributed illumination. It is the ideal light style light.


Warm white is usually preferred in living spaces such as living rooms, dens, bedrooms.


And Real Green offer the warm white LED is not as orange-yellowy as the incandescent. Our Soft white LED is as close as you can get to incandescent. It is the best choice for our bedroom.