Upscale, Controllable, Efficient LED Lighting in Hotel

LED Strip Light, 13MM LED rope light, OrangeTech Series Downlight, Bright Series COB LED Flood Light, AL-Series LED Downlight, GreenSMD Seires Downlight, SMD LED Neon rope light, LED Neon Rope Light

The grand hotel building in St. Petersburg, Florida, needed a new lighting package for resident spaces, offices, and common areas. They called upon Real Green because they were wanted to find an energy efficient LED lighting and upscale design that would best serve their senior resident population .



Upscale, Controllable, Efficient LED Lighting in Hotel

Reduced environmental impactBright common spaces for accommodate senior populationUniform

lighting with a comfortable, soft guest-room feel

Reduce operating costs Improve safety


With the five challenge we face, we suggest our low-voltage LED lighting in the facility and returned 

the following results.Owing to the LED technology, the LED lighting will save the electric bill in 

some extent.



Saves an estimated $2500 annually compared to high-voltage LED originally specified and significantly

more over conventional lighting options

Reduces energy usage by 30% compared to high-voltage LED originally specified and significantly 

more over conventional lighting options

New solutions that integrates with: 

-Occupancy sensors with various ramp up times, based on time of day.
-Virtually no maintenance required for the system since it's installation.

-For room : Real Green 5W LED Orangetech series downlight used in the hotel room.Dimmable downlight can adjust the brightness of light the clients wanted.Humanized design will leave the best impression to your clients. Besides the dimmable downlight, also, the intelligent control is perfom well. 

-For hotel lobby : Real Green 20W LED AL-Series downlight and LED strip light used in hotel lobby.

LED strip light is the small size great illumination lighting superior suit for inhouse decoration.We suggest SMD5050 strip light. This size of chips is medium and cost-effective.It can not be ignored is its illumination. That is called”Small Size, Big Illumination.”

 Upscale, Controllable, Efficient LED Lighting in Hotel                      Upscale, Controllable, Efficient LED Lighting in Hotel