Project lighting solution of Shanghai Bund

Shanghai, a big Shanghai, The magic,Paris of the east, whatever it called, it still the westerb modern metropolis.

Shanghai,is the Wu yue culture and western industrical cilization, it is compatibility. It shows not only in landscape architecture,culture,and economic and trade,formed its own unique personality traits.If it said Beijing is the political center of China,Shanghai is the role of economic ,plays an important role as the gaint.

Project lighting solution of Shanghai Bund

What we will talk when we talk about Shanghai ? The Shanghai Bund ? Shanghai bund is the name 

card of Shanghai.Today, let's talk about the project lighting of Shanghai bund! Let's go!

Shanghai bund is located in the side of Huangpu river. Here has a history of dozens of different architecrtural buildings, also are the banks and trading houses from around the world.The bund is 

the local residents and tourists gathered for sightseeing, leisure enteritament and celebrations.

So, lighting solution must be both beautiful and energy efficiency.In this street, length in 1.5Km, 

197 pieces of special customized lighting applicated.

What is the main target of this project lighting solution?

Firstly, the mian one is highlighting the lighitng of the bund.

Secondly,contact the north and south side. In the face of Lujiazui financial center,Shanghai is in 

the other side of the Huangpu river.The river is a link in all around the transition zone. In order to achieve this goal, we must consider the color temperature in all areas of the mentioned above, and ensure their harmony.

To provide tourists walk road lighting.As one of Shanghai's most popular place, here is not only the local residents, but also accepted visitors from all over the world. Therefore, we must make sure that the role of functional lighting priority. Combining function lighting and decoratibe lighting, create a comfortable atmosphere for pedestrians, and to avoid glare -  these are the important design considerations in the project.

The bund transformation is a very complex large-scale projects, and lighting solution is just a part of it. We pay particular attention to energy saving problems, Real Green Lighting Company Limited will offer the most energy-saving lighting for you.Reduce the light pollution and glare if you apply the proper lighting inhome.At the same time, the lighting scheme also provides a very good uniformity and comfortable atmosphere.

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