Patio decoration with LED Rope Light

13MM LED rope light

LED rope light have been widely used in decoration, no matter indoor or outdoor, home decoration or architecture decoration.


Why people like to use LED rope light?Patio decoration with LED Rope Light


New type LED rope light is so different from the traditional incandescent rope light. It is extremely environment-friendly, efficient, durable. LED rope light is made by evenly setting a series of round or concave mini led bulbs F3 in the PVC tube, usual 36LEDs per meter or 30LEDs per meter. The tubes may be fully transparent or translucent. Diameter 10MM or 13MM are both available, PVC coating is cool touch and don't burn.


Flexible also is a great advantage of LED rope light. It can be arranged in a wide variety of ways and bent in almost any shape that you desire, which helps you create designs befitting any occasion. Besides,the LED rope light is waterproof. This specific quality makes them ideal for outdoor lighting.


Patio decoration, placed the LED rope light on bushes and shrubs or even simply coiled around the trunks of trees, they give an extremely attractive look to the surrounding landscape.


Stated thus LED rope light is popular to any decoration in our daily life. It is easy to handle and install, can be cut off on marked place and connectable with central connector. No matter where you want to decorate ,LED rope light is a good choice.


Party decoration, could light up the mood and create a warm and cozy ambiance. Even a little accent lighting in the right places can give you the perfect party atmosphere.


Even the commercial lighting, LED rope light also play a important role. Outline window displays or to bedeck the eaves of their buildings. In the light against the background, buildings looked very beautiful.