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"I'm really pleased with the new LED lighting"

” Our electricity bill is down by £6,000 per month and we’re guaranteed several years of high quality, low-cost lighting. I would strongly recommend LED to anyone who relies heavily on lighting for their business.”

Said by our client - a local Car Dealership

Local Car Dealership

“At Europe,Real GreenLighting installed energy efficient LED lighting throughout the lighting dealership & forecourt in November 2014 , we have seen our electric bills drop by 35% which is in line with the 

estimates given to us.


However, the biggest impact can be seen in the dark evenings, where our car forecourt really stands out 

due to the color rendering.


Most of the other dealerships on the motor park, have that yellow hazy look, we haven’t seen that at ourlocal dealership as the LEDs transport crisp clean, modern brilliant white light. Our clients are mostly like the LED rope light or LED strip light decorate to their car. The good quality increase our market profits also.


With regards to the LED Lighting installation in our car technicians workshop, I must comment that my 

staff are able to carry out tasks such as car inspections far more efficiently all down to the eco lighting installed. As a car dealership, we are extremely pleased with investing in a long term LED solution."

But do you know how the intelligent lighting affect to our clients or save your electric bills ?

At an auto dealership, lighting is used for much more than simple illumination. When used correctly, it can make a sedan sparkle, captivate customers, and encourage car buyers to explore everything in the showroom and beyond. The effect of intelligent lighting, besides of enticing shoppers also saving your electric bills efficiency.

The intelligent LED lighting, also are the proper lighting decorate wherever it is. LED lighting, energy-saving more than 75% over than the traditional lighting like halogen lighting or sodium lighting. Technology illumination, with the lower cost of maintenance, accepted by folks frequently in the recent years.

Here are some of the suggestion to enticing shoppers.

-Have Brilliant Outdoor Lighting

One of the biggest deciding factors between whether a shopper chooses to go to your dealership or a competitor’s is the level and type of lighting at each business. Customers are naturally drawn to well-lit dealerships where every car is shown in its ideal light and shines like a luxury vehicle. Also, people feel more secure pulling into a place that’s fully illuminated and devoid of uncomfortable dark corners or shadows.That is true,clients are more likely want a car in a tidy and luxury surrounding. That is to say, a brilliant outdoor lighting can gain your profits and sales volume efficiency.

-Don’t Keep Dealership Too Bright or Too Dim

It’s sometimes difficult to strike the balance between having a space that’s harshly bright or unpleasantly dim, and, consequently, many dealers end up having lots that are overly lit in some places and dark in others. However, folks will feel most comfortable if you can keep the lighting uniform throughout the parking lot, while maintaining eye-pleasing ambient light both inside and out. Getting a consultation from a lighting professional can make it easier to find this balance, and it can also save money by ensuring you don’t use more light than needed.

Local Car Dealership         Local Car Dealership

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