Lighting Up the bars

13MM LED rope light, UL Listed LED Rope Light, OrangeTech Series Downlight, LED Neon Rope Light, SMD LED Neon rope light

In preparation of the season opening on Dec,10,2010, The Rhinoceros Bar selected Real Green to upgrade the lighting at attractive tempting surrounding. Real Green is lighting concourse areas, we offer intelligent LED lighting.  Real Green was chosen for the quality and controllability of their lights,guarantee our lighting is in the quality standard.


Joe, Senior Vice President of TheRhinoceros Bar views this the innovation LED lighting can give their a proper surrounding to increase their sales profits .  “The Rhinoceros Bar are proud to partner with Real Green and showcase their dimmable LED technology like LED downlight and LED rope light that install in the counter. It is remarkable that we have this world class company right here like Real Green.”

The LED technology is “Powered by Real Green”. Theintelligent LED lighting will be enhanced by lighting scenes with interactive control for runs.  TheRhinoceros Bar and Real Green have a long term partnership to continue to upgrade intelligent LED lighting with the most innovative, energy efficient, controllable, dynamic LED technology “Powered by Real Green”.


 Lighting Up the bars            Lighting Up the bars

So, which type of LED lighting used inthe Rhinoceros Bar?

Here is, firstly,the Orangetech Series LED downlight is. 

”It touch me,a tidy housing and is embellish with the orange color, it stand for the energy. It is coordinate with our bar culture.”  LED downlight, a common lighting in home application, also a proper lighting for inhouse application like bar, office or corridor.


Secondly,a wonderful decoration lighting like LED rope light also be your best choice.

Real Green LED rope light, listed UL certification, quality guarantee.It is extremely environment-friendly, efficient, durable. LED rope light is made by evenly setting a series of round or concave mini led bulbs F3 in the PVC tube, usual 36LEDs per meter or 30LEDs per meter. The tubes may be fully transparent or translucent. "It is flexible, soft and real brightness. The soft rope light flexible apply wherever i wanted. When the Christmas day comes, i will apply outside the shop. Decorate the trees and the signboard, colorful lighting give us the amazing usage experience."  Said Joe.

Anyway, that is our solution for the Rhinoceros Bar. There are some type of substitution for LED rope light. For instant, the LED strip light and LED neon rope light.The important one just choose the best proper for your decoration application. Real Green, not just the professional manufacture specialized in LED, but also your professor in lighting application solution.


We expect our lighting solutions to be terrific useful.And then bars and restaurants that want to add special experience for their intelligent. Stay tuned!

Real Green LED lighting, your best choice.