LED rope light for your Garden

13MM LED rope light, UL Listed LED Rope Light

Summer is a amazing season. If you enjoy long nights under the stars, you could decorating your garden, patio or boat in this season. To add an easy light to your space, you can try the LED rope lightThey are flexible, waterproof and available in all lengths and colors so that it can meet your any need.


120V LED rope lights are always be used to light up the cabinets, corners or other dark corridors. Usually, they are hidden behind the trim or cabinets create a brilliant indirect lighting effect. But it is also a good choice to use outdoor for summer.

LED rope light for your Garden

For safety, light up garden pathways with the 24V LED rope lights.


Light up a deck or porch by wrapping lights around the handrail.

Create a festive gathering area by RGB LED rope lights.


Use rope lights around trees to light up your whole garden.


Line your pool area for a little extra brightness during night swimming.


Drape lights overhead for ambiance during parties, intimate gatherings, or romantic dinners.


How do you install them outdoor by yourself? Now share some tips for you, it’s a easy job, you just need to follow some steps to make it.


To begin with, you should measure the length of rope light that you want to install. LED rope light can be cut at the marked place or extended with different types of splices such as I type, L type, T type and X type. Sometimes you may need to use the clips to fasten the LED rope lights. What’s more, if you install the color changing 24V LED rope light, you can use a smaller controller to generate various lighting effects, such as flashing, chasing, sparkling, stepping, color changing, etc.


At last, just plug the lights into the wall socket. Enjoy the beautiful LED rope light’s world with easy DIY.


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