LED Project Light In KU KTV

LED Rope Light

Ku KTV is the offline store by the Kugou Music. With new idea for the users to provide high-end audio-visual, read the party entertainment, business gathering high-quality enjoyment.  The whole space according to the nostalgia of the plot and the imprint of time, form protean adornment, straightforward and not break delicate, casual but not lack of taste.


On the light use, it ultra utilize the way of LED hided to drawing the space. With the aid of the LED lamp combined with modelling, beautiful light and shadow effect. In the selection of the lighting, not the magnificence but the vintage artistic iron lamp to create a thick nostalgic industrial style.

LED Project Light In KU KTV

It is easy to note that the LED rope light is run through the whole space design. Warm white LED rope light used constantly in serial space like the main hall entrance, corner, aisle and roof. LED rope light can decorate the inner strip easily, what’s more, it’s flexible to bend or to cut. Seamless connection freely.


Want for more fashion function of LED rope light? That sounds great. Of course, led rope light also available. Simply, use with the controller do at your will, change the color effect whatever you wants.


Here to sell not only the K song, but the city fast in slow life. Only a relax and causal in life here, cause for the designer, here is the revolution of the vintage of LED industry.