How to install LED tape light by yourself

LED Strip Light

Step 1:

Decide exactly where you want to permanently fix the LED Tape to give you the best effect you are looking for. This can be under wall corner lighting for example, and from that decision you decide on whether you would prefer the LED Tape near the front or the back of the wall corner.


Step 2:

Measure the LED Tape to the length of the area you are looking to install the LED Tape lights. If the LED Tape is too long you can simply cut the LED Tape with a pair of scissors along the cut point line provided by the manufacturer.


Step 3:

Thoroughly clean the surface down so there is no dust or dirt. If you are sticking the LED Tape to wood it is best if this is sanded down if the wood is rough. Then peel the 3M backing tape from the LED Tape and stick into place. Push down on the LED Tape to make sure it has properly stuck down. Be sure to avoid pushing down on the resistors or this could damage the LED Tape.


Step 4:

Connect the LED Tape to the LED transformer by simply using a connector block to join the cable's together. Some LED Tapes may have a simple DC push connector that you push the female into the male connector. It is also possible to use LED Tape to cable connectors provided by some manufacture. The transformer can either be plugged into a wall or hard wired to a mains lighting circuit.

         How to install LED tape light by yourself