How to Install 24V LED Rope Light

13MM LED rope light, UL Listed LED Rope Light

LED rope light can light your life up if you are able to use it smartly. Some people might think 120V is not safety for the daily life use, especially for the

cabinet decoration, because it was used in the narrow place. I suggest to use the 24V LED rope light, because the standard length is 5-10m per roll, easy for measure and installation.


How to install the energy-efficient 24V LED rope light under the cabinet? It is easy and perfect handmade joyful with your family. 

How to Install 24V LED Rope Light

When it comes to its installation, it is not difficult. Installation depends on whether the LED rope lights will be directly under a cabinet or outside the cabinet. PVC channel installation for interior applications and light Y type mounting clips for exterior applications. Now let us to install the LED rope light step by step. 

First, measuring the area where you plan to install the lights and the length you desired. Once you have determined, you can order the rope lights in that size or purchase cuttable rope lights.


Next step is to mark the area where you will install the accessories to fixed the LED rope light. That will be a average distance, someone to help you to hold the mounting track in the area and screw the track to the cabinet or other area in the marked place.


PVC mounting track is good for straight installation, if for the corner installation or hang with the LED rope light, Y type mounting clip is perfect helper.


Finally, snap the rope lights into the clear mounting channel starting at the end you will plug in. Drill a hole in the cabinet as needed to hide the cord end of the lights or use a cord keeper to hide the cord along the wall to the plug.


Plug the lights in to the wall socket. That is it! If you follow these steps, you also can enjoy the beauty of 24V LED rope lights.