How to decorate the hallway?

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How to decorate the hallway?Home is the warmest and the most relax place for us after a day hard working.


We spend much time to decorate our living room, bedroom even kitchen, but hallway is often ignored during the decorating process, while it is a important functional part of a home, especially when it comes to lighting. So keep your hallway well-lit and attractive also is an interesting and important home decoration. Today, we will discuss  different  types of LED lighting fixtures for your hallway.


Whether you want track lighting to keep the walkway visible and to help you avoid tripping on any furniture or elegant wall sconces that light up your decor, the following suggestions will help you find the right hallway light for your space.


Warm white LED panel light and LED down light as the main lighting, LED strip light and LED rope light as decoration lighting, even could try the DIY LED motifs light.


LED panel light, offering the High luminous efficiency LED Ceiling Panel Light low power, it is adopt unique optical design, isolated constant current driver. It is used to replace traditional grille lights and is superior than the other similar panel lights.


LED down light is energy saving and easy installation, perfect for the hallway use. Now, we also launched series of new type intelligent LED down light, dimmable, wifi controller and app control.


Decoration LED lighting, we suggest to use LED strip light, LED rope light or LED neon rope light, all are easy to DIY and safety.


LED strip light is flexible, low voltage linear LED lighting system provides high quality illumination. Super High output LEDs provide excellent luminous intensities at low drive currents, resulting in low power consumption & consistent, stable performance, delivering 334 lumens.

 How to decorate the hallway?

Modular“plug and play”system features a wide range of power supplies, controllers and connectors. System is easy to install with no need for field soldering.


Available in six color temperatures: 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 6000K, as well as four colors: blue, green, red and yellow.


LED rope light is traditional indoor decoration LED lighting. Super High Output is max loading length available in 150FT. Easy plug-in design, includes one female and one male end connector per reel. Installation with mounting clip, easy and don't need any professional installation master.


Single color, RGB or multi color is available. Dimmable or RGB changing using any of the R-series dimming controls.


Finally, LED neon rope light is the best choice for romantic atmosphere decoration. As well as subtle diffusion & glare control, you will immersed in the neon lighting.


So, do it now and take on an entirely new look of your hallway.