How the store design with LED lighting ?

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Abstract : In store lighting,three elements of lighting application should mutual integrated,using the concept of this shop in line with the corresponding lighting plan.

Ambient lighting is generally seen in the vicinity of the ceiling or ceiling of the line of sight when looking at the store as a whole. As the lighting under the shelves of goods lighting in the shop is very important.

How the store design with LED lighting ?

Elements of store lighting

First of all, the most essential elements is the ambient lighting,is generally seen in the vicinity of the ceiling or ceiling of the line of sight when looking at the store as a whole.

Maximumly enhance the lighting for overall impression emphasized.

The second is the accent lighting.As the lighting apply under the shelves of goods in the shop also is siginificant.The features of the lighting below the shelf are shown below.The effect of the shelf light up in the photo is easy to see, but also give the whole store to vitality (Three-dimensional sense). Energy-saving also because of it spot illuminate in close range.

The use of the lower shelf lighting way for the goods to provide appropriate lighting, while the use of tube lighting for the goods to provide focused lighting.

And the last elements, is the decoration lighting.Shop to the pursuit of daily life is not, the performance of non-daily luxury.

3 Tips to mention

1.The brightness and the sense of brightness

Generally speaking,however, it is necessary to select the light (light source) corresponding to the product in consideration of the amount of light and the appropriate space bright feeling in the shop (sales, diet).Because the store which is very bright, the space appears to be great, but also to highlight the visibility (actually see and confirm) and induction effect.

2.The relationship with color temperature and brightness.

The store impression depended by color temperature and brightness.Depending on the concept of the store, it is possible to create a personalized store space by taking into account the light distribution. One element can not be ingored,it is the color rendering index.Using a light source with a high color rendering (Ra80 or higher) in the shop is a basic principle, but it is sometimes desirable to use a "glamorous" display method to create some color differences when compared to a fully faithful expression.

3.Light distribution balance

Shops and the retail store or some of the restaurant due to the concepts of different store decoration color or lighting plan (with lamps or appliances selected) has certain characteristics, is not the same. It is necessary to fully grasp the floor, walls, ceiling color and reflectivity, as well as the placement of objects and materials and colors of the device after the lighting plan
The distribution of light characteristics and configuration of different display methods are also different.