How is the value of the "City Lighting"

Abstract : National Tourism Bureau reported the data of the domestic travel high up to 22.36 billion traveller in the first half of year in 2016, smoothly up 10.47% over the same period.The first half of the total tourism revenue 2.25 trillion yuan, an increase of 12.4%.

In breif, for travel agency,it is a huge business opportunity which the Chinese travel market opened. But here comes the question,how is the lighting effect on the visitor and the economic revenue?

How is the lighting effect on the tourist industry ? How can we keep long-lasting ? How is the value of the "City Lighting"?

How is the value of the "City Lighting"

The chief designer of the Chime-Long Paradise said, a tourist city night lighting the main purpose, not through the night to attract 

many guests, more is to retain the guests, so that they more in-depth understanding and feelings of the city's culture and content. 

To attract the visitor is to attract the 

consumer group. For instance,in the city as the main theme of light show can enhance the image of 

the city, the dissemination of culture and connotation of the city, rich people's lives, but also to retain visitors, allowing visitors a 

better understanding of the city, while also bound to promote the tourism economy.Lighting is for the overall tourism industry 

services, the real economic benefits are behind the tourism derivatives. If a tourism project is the main source of income tickets, 

then it is an unsuccessful tourism projects.

So, what is the standard of a successful night landscape project ? 

First of all, the safe and comfort should put in the first place. 

What's more,the impact on the surrounding population or pedestrians must be taken into account to minimize these effects 


Last but not least, should use the quailty safe good LED lighting to prevent the visitor from the unsafe situation.Also the design 

concept should coordinate with the local customs.

Finally,easy to maintenance also be the point.

A good urban tourist attractions lighting design, must be carrying the local cultural and geographical features and cultural connotations, and all performance methods are based on the theme of the theme of this creative line. Conditions to be met include its own conditions, format, operating mode, the theme of creativity, government support, traffic conditions, facilities and so on.

Apart of the political factors,two purpose of the structure of city landscape lighting, one of the reason is

to promoting the good impression of the city and the another reason for attracting the visitor to develop 

the tourism economy.

For the near futute, city landscape lighting project will have a better blue print to decorate our city.