Flat 3-wire LED rope light for your decoration

UL Listed LED Rope Light, 13MM LED rope light

Real Green Lighting Factory supply five types of pure white LED rope light, 2-wire standard, 2-wire classic, 2-wire chasing, 3-wire (4-wire, 5-wire is available) flat and low voltage (12V/24V).


This time would like to share our Flat LED rope light with you.


Flat designed with 2 series of LEDs inside, two times light intensity than 2-wire rope light, widely used in all kinds of projects, can give running and jumping effect. 


Flat 3-wire LED rope light have features as φ3 DIP LEDs, 11 x 18mm diameter, two series of LEDs inside, transparent PVC, special design, energy saving, environment-friendly and long lifespan, working temperature: -30℃~+45℃, easy cut, connected and safe, easily made into all shapes, with controller, easy transportation.

 Flat 3-wire LED rope light for your decoration

These lights emit a clear glow that will add ambience to any atmosphere. The Commercial Electric different length. LED Rope Light Kit could be used for illuminating railings, stairs and trim. Featuring a clear, flexible design and the LED lights could help save on your energy costs. 


These versatile LED light ropes are perfect for decorating for any special occasion or sprucing up the house and business. The LED bulbs are encased in highly flexible PVC tubing that can contour any angle and be molded into any shape. The LED rope can be cut in 3 feet increments for the perfect size needed. Colors can be swapped and changed to different colors with the included power connectors. These LED rope lights are great for decorating stairways, railings, ceilings, desks, windows, boats, clubs, parties, galleries and special holidays.


This rope light is UL rated for indoor and outdoor use, super high quality, perfect for

Christmas and year round use, make all your outdoor decorating festive and lively.


We both know that cool White is the brightest white LED rope light. And pure white LED is not as bluish as the xenon light and appears clearer white color than cool white LED.


Cool to touch when lit, flexible, safe and easy to install, these advantages make it widely used in indoor and outdoor.


Try and make your home beautiful!