Decoration of LED lighting for Home

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Lighting plays an important role in house decoration. Except for the illumination function, lighting decoration also is a artistic work for a house. Here would like to share some idea of lighting decoration for your home.

 Decoration of LED lighting for Home

Living room

Living room is the place where entertainment and gathering, so that, decoration lighting must be create warm surrounding. For instance, a 3 meters high living room can select a kind of droplight. Ceiling lamp and led panel light is suit for small space.

Besides, install strip light or table lamp emphasize the magnificent atmosphere.

For instance, install the LED strip light in the sofa corner, lighting scatter all around you and create a special surrounding.


Soft warm lighting mostly appropriate to decorate your bedroom. It is convenient to insert bed lamp in the wall when you reading books. Utilize bed lamp or dimmable led lighting as daily light source,is conducive to your sleep.


Kitchen is easy to have lampblack after cook, we should emphasize the practicability in lighting decoration. Do not use impracticability lighting as much as possible. Rule in waterproof, anti-corrosion and easy to clean, usually the lighting cover with PU.  In order to washing and cutting,best light source color is warm. What’s more, install above the bath, keep away from cooker and use safety outlet. 

So, led panel light might be your choice when you decorate your kitchen. Small size panel light with high luminous embellish the delicious cuisine. Exert your imagination, decorate led strip light under the cabinet,may be amazing idea!



The lighting source in toilet which decoration point is make everyone satisfy. Generally speaking, led panel light is proper in lighting decoration. Insufficient lighting in toilet is enough,but the key point is that let the key position get sufficient lighting.

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