Add Better Lights to city bridge with LED Linear Lighting

LED Linear Wash Light

LED landscape project design - Illumination project for Yantai coast square 

Project Item :  Yantai coast square 

General : Area in 10 million square meter total. 24V low voltage supplied is safe and stable. Using the LED linear light as the landscape lighting, leave you the best impressive !

Type of lighting series : 

1. LED linear light. Design for recession. Linear shape as like the wave.

2. Downlight. 


LED fountain linear light, used the RGB three-colour LED as the light source. Each lamp can illuminate seven colors, seven color showed in each fountain. Also, change coordinative integrally by the music DMX controller. It makes the sense more active, more effective. As its low energy-consumption, high economic effective and safe low voltage, it is proper suit for underground application.