24V LED rope light used in Garden

13MM LED rope light, UL Listed LED Rope Light

Go for a walk with family around your garden after the dinner, enjoy the family fun. So we need to beautify the outdoors. 24V LED rope light is a good choice. However, the basic and most important thing is choosing the colors and the patterns of rope lighting as per the style of your house.

In order to create relax environment for your garden, today will share some decoration options of LED rope light for you.

24V LED rope light used in Garden

We should make good use of the trees and shrubs. Trees and plants are the natural decoration for your garden. Just need a little lighting, will make them so different and functional for your garden. Winding tree with LED rope light with a variety of colors for you to choose. You can use green, yellow, red, RGB to decorate your tree. The better to choose two different colored-lights to decorate the tree trunks and branches. Green color could show the real green, the tree glowing in the dark.

Rope lights can be used to highlight the sides of pavements, install the rope light along your garden path. In my opinion,yellow LED rope light is a good choice. Not only has some brightness but also can create a romantic atmosphere.

Highlight the stairs by placing rope lights along their risers. At night, we are not easy to see stairs, avoiding the damage to the children, trying some LED rope light to your  stairs. LED rope light is very bright,and have many color to choose. You can choose the color according to your children.

24V LED rope light used in GardenLED rope light can install in the groove so that don't worry about the light would Stumble the children.

Bending LED rope light into the shapes of flowers with long stems. Line the rope lights and secure them to these rods. Place them in a cylindrical pot or vase, and keep the lights all the time. Put these vases on the porch or the patio.

Make your kid's dream come true by decorating the garden with fairies, pixies and other magical characters. Use metal frames to get the desired shape. Attach the lights with the pins, and watch your child light up with joy.

Color blue or purple could light up your poorly-lit patio, make it soft and look classy.

Waterproof IP65 is safety for outdoor use. It sounds pretty good? Come on ,try it by yourself, your garden will have a new look!