• Q: Could i customized the packing ? Can I use my own packing?
    A:Yes, we offer the customization service. You could have your design with your logo.
  • Q: What will you do if there are any problem founded in use?
    A:You will get a replacement for free within warranty and just need to pay the cost price if it is beyond the warranty period.
  • Q: I use 10 meters of led strip light in my garden ,why some meters are not light up?
    A:Please check the connector ,it may be poor contact.
  • Q: How to store the led strip light?
    A:Far away the fire ,water and wet .Unplug the power cord when don’t use the light.
  • Q: How many IP grade of led strip light?

    1. Non-waterproof Flexible LED Strip: PCB (Printed Circuit Board) material with self-adhesive back.

    2. Waterproof Flexible LED Strip--Surface Injection: Except it PCB material is encapsulated with plastic Gel at surface, with self-adhesive back, Water resistant coat (IP65).

    3. Waterproof Flexible LED Strip--Silicone Tube: The PCB is envelope by silicone tube, and with two ends sealed by gel., Water resistant coat ((IP67).

    4. Waterproof Flexible LED Strip--Whole Injection: Except it PCB material is encapsulated with plastic Gel at both side. Water resistant coat (IP68).

  • Q: I see other companies selling similar products! are they the same quality?
    A:It is hard to say, while we are very picky about the quality of our products and we stand behind everything we sell we can't say that for other companies as there are lots of manufactures in china making led strips and while there are some good ones there are also lots of bad ones so if we don't have what you are looking for then make sure the company you buy them from has a good rating, takes credit cards, has someplace in the USA to send items back to and doesn't charge a restocking fee.
  • Q: I need a 24' section of Flex Strip can you make one for me?
    A:Yes, we can make you custom lengths or you can follow our How To section to do it yourself.
  • Q: What RGB controller for 120v/220v led strip light ?How many function?
  • Q: What RGB controller suit for 12v led strip light?
    A:There are 3 different controller for 12V led strip light. 24-keys IR REMOTE CONTROLLER , 24-keys RF REMOTE CONTROLLER and WIFI CONTROLLER.
  • Q: How many effects of the RGB strip light?

    As usual ,every strip light have 8 effects ,Color effects include but not limited to following:

    All color or less colors chasing from left to right, right to left

    All color or less colors flow from two terminals to center and from center to two terminals

    All color or less colors trail into left or right or two directions in turn

    All color or less colors spread to left or right

    All colors in jump, flash, queued, auto-cycle mode

  • Q: You said that the lights are dimmable.  Can I use my existing dimmer switch?
    A:No.  The power supplies are not made to be dimmed- it will damage them.  The strips, however, 
    can be dimmed by using any one of our PWM dimmers or controllers placed between the power supply and the strip.
  • Q: Is the LED Flex Strip Dimmable?
    A:Yes with certain type of dimming controllers and dimmable transformers. LED drivers (UL listed) can be dimmed with a optional dimming module on the low voltage side. MINGWEI Drivers are recommended for use Double-Bright and brighter LED Strips.
  • Q: If I buy the RGB strip can I make a warm white color?
    A:Yes, depending on the controller.  The RGB strips make a cool white color with most of our controllers.  If you want to make the warm white color we recommend you get our warm white strips or get the "28 or 44 key IR remote" as it allows you to make any color and program it to a DIY button so you can get pretty close to the output color/brightness of the warm white strips.
  • Q: I need a Controller or Device that is not on your site?
    A:Please tell us what you are looking for as we have a lot of products which aren't on our site or we may be able to custom make one for you.
  • Q: Could I customized the power cord?
    A:Absolutely yes ! European plug, UK plug, American plug etc.
  • Q: Must use the accessories?
    A:No, 12V/24V LED strip light with 3M self-adhesive, could sticker to smooth surface anytime.
  • Q: I don't like too bright, what should i choose for my room?
    A:Dimmable led panel light is your good choice. Three colors, warm white ,nature white and cool white, could change the light anytime and anywhere.
  • Q: How to choose the color of led strip light?
    A:According to decoration style and tinge to choose the colors .Even place, such as bedroom ,we suggest to use the warm white ,make people feel comfortable and relax, cool white suit for reading room ,green better for garden.
  • Q: What is the max run length on 12V LED Strip Lights?
    A:The maximum run length on 12V LED Strip Lights is 5M.
  • Q: Can the strips be used in high temperature areas?
    A:Yes and no. While LEDs are quite durable and will work great in most any environment, heat is the main cause for shortened LED lifespan.  Therefore, the cooler you can keep the LEDs, the longer they will last (if you can keep them below 800C you should get the rated life out of them).  With this in mind, leaving them on for extended periods of time while on the reel or bunched up in a confined space will shorten their lifespan.
  • Q: Can I use your strips on my car, truck, motorcycle or boat?
    A:Yes, most of our controllers and strips are 12V DC so you can connect them straight to your battery (we recommend a 3-5A fuse in-line after the battery) also if the controller is going to be used outdoors we recommend coating the circuit boards with our Electro-Seal coating to keep the moisture from damaging it.
    We also recommend you solder the connections or have us do it for you as the solderless connectors may vibrate loose.
  • Q: Is it possible to extend the wire between strips to go around obstacles?
    A:Yes. You can use low voltage wire/control cable between the strips up to 50 feet in most cases. (see above)
  • Q: How many strips can I connect together end-to-end?
    A:We recommend only connecting 2 rolls together in each direction from the supply wire (see strip section for more details).
  • Q: If I connect the strip backwards (+) to (-) and (-) to (+) will that ruin the strip?
    A:No. LEDs are diodes so they only let power through in one direction. Simply reverse the wires and the strip will work fine (On the other hand, the controllers may be damaged so please check before you connect them).
  • Q: Is there anything I need to watch for when installing the strips?
    A:Yes.  On the RGB flex strips, you need to be careful that the (+) "Black wire" doesn't touch/short to one of the colored wires as it could fry the mofset in the controller for that color.  If that occurs, that color would always stay on.  It is always good to double check, to make sure none of the wires are touching, before you power the lights. 
    While the black wire on the RGB strips is (+) the Black wire on the single color strips and the "Male/Female Power Connectors" is (-) (so if there are only 2x wires (Red/Black) then Black = (-) & Red = (+).
  • Q: Are flexible LED strips easy to install?
    A:Yes, they are easy to install.  In most cases you just plug the power supply in to the controller/dimmer (which then connects to the LED strip), and then plug the power supply into a normal outlet.
  • Q: I already have a 12V DC power supply - can I use it?
    A:Yes, any 12V DC power supply will work as long as the output rating is high enough for the length of strip you are trying to connect to it (for a 5' strip you would need at least a 1000mA or 1A or 12w DC power supply).  You can always use a larger power supply than what is needed.  However, a power supply which is too small may cause your lights to be dim or flash on/off; it may also kill the power supply.  For LEDs we recommend a switching mode power supply as opposed to a heavy magnetic transformer, as switching mode power supplies have a regulated output voltage that doesn't change based on input voltage.  You can even use an old power supply out of a computer as they are well designed and can handle some large loads.
  • Q: I need a larger power supply than what you have on your website?
    A:We have larger power supplies up to 350 Watts, so let us know what you are looking for.
  • Q: Does the power supply have to be close to the lights?
    A:No. You can run low voltage wire/control cable up to 50 feet in most cases. But keep in mind the longer the run the more voltage drop you will have and while it can be hard to notice with LED lights they may not be as bright as they could be if they were shorter runs
    On long runs and using the RGB strips set to white you may notice a change in the color temp the farther you go from the power supply so keep it short or use larger wire if you have long runs. 
  • Q: What size/type of power supply do I need?
    A:You can check our power usage pages or contact us and we will tell you what would be best.  Also, usually the individual power supply listing will state the maximum length of strip which they can power.  It is always better to use less than this maximum length.
  • Q: How long will it take to get my order?
    A:In most cases, your order will ship the same or next day and most shipping options take 1-3 days for customers in the USA.
  • Q: Have your products got any certificates?
    A:Yes, our products have passed CE & ROHS & UL etc.
  • Q: What is the meaning of 48/LEDs and 60/LEDs?
    A:That means each meter with 48 LEDs, 60LEDs, the more LEDs, the brighter.
  • Q: How many metre as a unit of led strip light?
    A:Each 1 metre as a unit ,that means led strip light can be cut every 1 metre.
  • Q: When 1pc leds broken,how could i do?
    A:When only 1pc leds went out ,don’t wrong ,all other LEDs are still on. Or change the unit led strip light ,connect the new unit.
  • Q: Do the strips get hot, do I need to have a heat sink?
    A:No, they do not get hot as long as you don't leave them rolled up on the reel.
  • Q: What brand of the chip?
    A:All of LED strip light are made by high quality LED source, Epistar chip, also customized the lights for customers with CREE chip.
  • Q: How many size of FPC?

    FPC full name is Flexible Printed Circuit, have yellow color and white color, special color black or green . Normally, LED strip lights are made into single sided FPC and double sided FPC.All the high voltage LED strip light are single sided FPC.


    12V LED strip light are made into the same size.

    3528 -- 8mm

    5050 -- 10mm

    5050 RGB -- 12mm


    High voltage 120V/220V LED strip light are made into different sizes.

    3528 -- 4mm 5mm

    5050 -- 6mm 8mm 10mm

  • Q: Is 24VDC brighter than 12VDC?
    A:Typically, no. The wattage and the efficiency of the LED determines the LED Brightness. We use efficiency LED watt per lumens ratio.