Tips for anti-deceive in the shopping festival : little tricks for LED purchasing

Is that the more brighter is better when we choose a LED lighting? What kind of light environment is conducive to eye health? Expertise said the parents, teachers and manufacturers of light sources, have the responsibility to popularize the knowledge of scientific consumption of light, should be used to facilitate the health of students and lighting without radiation, no stroboscopic energy saving lamps.

Phenomenon 1 : LED light price level difficult to choose

The specialist : Do not purchase the price of 5w LED downlight under US$3.5 per piece.

It is reported that the consumers in the lighting market to buy LED indoor lights, they often see confusing phenomenon: a well-known quality brand 5W LED downlight price in US$7 , and some unknown brand without qualification certification 5W LED downlight but only Sell US$3.5.Huge difference. Many consumers told reporters that they are more inclined to choose a more bright LED downlight.

It is knew that, because the higher the color temperature, the higher the luminous efficiency, LED interior lights look brighter. However, in the actual use of the process, the low color temperature looks more comfortable, the corresponding cost is high. To the sun, for example, the morning and evening sun, color temperature between 3000K ~ 3500K, looks softer, noon, the color temperature of the sun rose to 4000K to 4500K, has been more dazzling. While the incandescent and fluorescent lamp color temperature has reached 6200K up and down.

Tips for anti-deceive in the shopping festival : little tricks for LED purchasing

This reporter learned that the domestic manufacturers of regular light downlight will be marked on the packaging color 

temperature, commonly used color temperature is 2700k, that is, ordinary incandescent color temperature, which is characterized 

by a warm feeling of light, but not bright, suitable for bedside bed, wall lamp Local lighting; 3000k is the closest to the natural 

light color temperature, is a warm light, the light is both warm and bright, suitable for the overall lighting design at home; 5000k

above is white, is cold light, people can focus on office, learning and other places use.

Experts said that in the lighting market, the general home LED indoor lights power between 3W ~ 7W, 5W downlight lamp 

around the market price of US$7  or so, if less than US$3.5, then the LED indoor lights quality is certainly a problem, not only

can not play the role of protecting eyesight, and light source life will be greatly reduced. In addition, consumers in the purchase 

of LED indoor lights, the power can not only look at the lamps, because LED lamps are not as bright as possible.

So the experts warning that all kinds of LED lighting when we purchase , it is proper to ask for the qualification certification. 

Also if bulk purchase , samples asked is avilable to meansure whether the quality good or not.