Application Status and Development Trend of LED Intelligent Display

In recent years, the manufatcuring industry has been guardually separated from the traditional handmade industry. Some of he manufatcurer use intelligent equipment to acheive the intelligent itegration of manufatcurering enterprises. Concept of manufatcuring has been gradually realized, also the development opportunity of "manufacturing" and "intelligent". Many LED display companies in the practice of LED intelligent applications in practice, reflected in many areas, such as smart applications for home and business intelligence applications.

The application of intelligent home

Today's technology research and development, so that the "smart" has become available in people's lives, automation facilities, a growing number of intelligent devices, is not only convenient and save time, but also brings a unique experience to the user. Home intelligent applications, has introduced a number of led display intelligent products in the market application, but it is not ideal, can not meet the needs of the market and users, but the intelligent application point of view, the future of intelligent led display products application of the whole family life is impossible. In this regard, we follow the trend of the times to make some bold speculation.

The application of intelligent business

Apart of home application, in the intelligent range also available apply widely. For instance,outdoor advertising,intelligent transportation, sports events, art and science education.

In the outdoor advertising, the media made a bold idea to 2050 will take the outdoor advertising demonstration model, virtual, all outdoor information will be fully addressable, personalized, one on one. From the machine to the machine communication to replace the machine spread to the people, all the advertising business construction, advertising information set, display mode of time and price will be completed by intelligent machines.

In recent years, led display applications in sports events gradually expanded, through radio, TV screen, allowing viewers to more clearly understand the scene of real-time dynamic scene, although many companies began to get involved in the sports field, but led display in sports The application field is still a lot of room for improvement is expected in the future intelligent application led display, the sports program will be more humane, the face of the noisy scene, LED will display and radio equipment will be on-site noise to a minimum; The fans can cry the volume rendering and color change display.

It is great exciting if the manufacturer could cut the cost of manufacturer by the intelligent production.It is a tool to push the industry development, also the way to release the burden from the worker.