A hidden damage - The blue hazards of street light.

To improve the visual field,many city roads, highways and viaducts have been equipped with LED lights.Even some of section in the traffic jam,the street light set can reduce the possibility of traffic accidents. Compare with the traditional high voltage sodium lamp,LED have great features in energy-saving, low lumens depreciation,long longevity and low maintenance ect,. But one disadvantage difficult to avoid,that is the harm of blu-ray.

The blu-ray does not refer to the blue light,it is meaning for the high-energy shortwave blu-ray in 400nm-480nm wave length.The wavelength of blue within the macular area will increase the amount of toxins, light-sensitive cell death, decreased visual acuity, or even induce blindness caused by a serious threat to our health.Daily blu-ray can be seen everywhere, but the proportion is generally within the normal range of health, less impact on vision. But a large number of Blu-ray presence in the LED screen, LED lights, fluorescent lights and other artificial light soruces.It do really harm for our eyes.

Recently, AMA published the normal political statement about the led lighting, cooler and darker,said. In this statment, the color temperature should not exceed 3000 Kelvin (K) for nighttime outdoor lighting, especially street lighting. The higher color temperature, and the more brightness,in the same time it means the higher blu-ray.

Also,you will feel uncomfortable if you stare directly at the indicator light of the household. Same feeling if you use the digital products for a long time.

How can we avoid this situation happened?

First of all, for the driver,to avoid prolonged fatigue driving,keep the proper relax on.

What's more, best to standing a pair of anti-blue glasses, to reduce the blue light for the eye damage.

Finally, choose a quality LED supplier to find the best quality led lighting to apply inhouse.