25 thousand LED lighting replaced in our city

Recently,the governmental personnel replace 250w bulb into 100w LED energy-saving bulb. Our reporters learned from the management department, from November 9, the city's primary and secondary roads began to transform the energy-saving LED street lamp, after transformation, energy-saving lamps will reach more than 50%, and strive to 2017 before the Spring Festival to complete urban street lights LED Transformation.

The provincial party committee and the socal government pay more attention in the concept of energy-saving and enhance the development of LED industry, so the LED lighting should be popularized.

Our city since from the end of 2012,city LED lighting has been designed and installed on street.The remould of the implement by the government that procurement from the energy-saving service company to handle this series of project design,remould,maintenance and others.

It is understood that 90% of this project has been accomplished, and we expect that our city will more and more gorgeous.